Welcome to Naiya

Welcome to Naiya

Welcome to Naiya, your guide to wellness, health and fitness.

As we are traveling through the journey of life we are all searching for health, wellness and happiness. At Naiya, we believe that each of us could benefit from a trusted guide, an advisor with human touch and superhuman knowledge. We believe in the future where you can effortlessly track your nutrition, get expert level advice on how to reach your health and wellness goals, engage and share your journey with your coach or doctor and get exceptional personalized feedback from your AI advisor.

We are aspiring to help you find foods, meal plans and wellness experiences that are tailored to your specific needs and are optimized using the latest research. To inspire you, we are creating Naiya Journeys together with professionals like doctors, dietitians, coaches, and some of the most visionary influencers in wellness, fitness and health.

Naiya uses the latest in food recognition and computer vision technology to make tracking nutrition more effortless and more fun than ever before. With on-device, real-time recognition of foods, Naiya creates augmented reality experiences that help users learn about nutrition and make better food choices. And with personalized meal plans and action plans tailored to specific goals and diets, Naiya is the perfect guide to help millions of people on their journeys of fitness, health and happiness.

Here are just some of the benefits Naiya offers to users: 

  1. AI-powered journey’s of wellness. Start your journey of health and wellness  with your AI-powered nutrition tools and resources within Naiya.
  2. Fun and engaging food tracking. Track your meals using computer vision designed to reduce the amount of typing and make food tracking fun.
  3. Wellness dashboard and nutrition reports. Learn more about yourself and develop unprecedented awareness about your eating habits via detailed reports and monitoring your macros, micros, weight and other metrics over time.
  4. Follow the journeys. Reach your goals, follow specific plans, get inspired about healthy and delicious foods generated by Naiya’s RDs or recommended to you by your provider.

Powered by cutting edge computer vision

Naiya is the perfect choice for anyone looking to take control of their health and make informed decisions about what they are eating. It uses advanced computer vision technology to accurately recognize food items and provides users with detailed nutrition information in an easy-to-understand format. Instead of manually searching for foods you can log most of your meals by pointing your phone at foods and seeing recognition results in real time. 

Here are some of the ways Naiya helps you log meals:

  1. Naiya recognizes thousands of raw and cooked foods including many common dishes and recipes. 
  2. You can log foods one-by one or multiple-foods at the same time with just one swipe over your cutting board or plate. 
  3. You can log foods by pointing your phone at Nutrition Facts labels. 
  4. Log packaged foods by scanning barcodes and leveraging Naiya’s  database of over 1.5M packaged foods common in the US and Europe. 
  5. Using an iPhone you can implement our virtual scale feature and measure food amounts by pointing your phone's camera  at plated foods.
  6. If the recognition is close, but not perfect, very often you can find correct results in the alternative suggestions. 
  7. You can also quickly log via a quick add option based on your history. 
  8. Last but not least, if you decide to follow a meal plan from one of our health and wellness journeys, you can log your entire day or an entire meal from the meal plan tab in your journey.

Naiya for Providers

But Naiya isn't just for individuals - it is also a powerful tool for healthcare providers, coaches and caregivers. With detailed nutrition data, providers can gain unprecedented visibility into their clients' wellness journeys. And with Naiya’s selection of chronic disease specific journeys, consisting of meal plans and action plans, providers can engage their clients in personalized coaching experiences augmented by Naiya's AI engine.

Give your clients the gift of Naiya and unleash the power of nutrition data in your practice.
  1. Grow your business and impact. Grow your business and engage your clients by giving them a life-changing nutrition tracking  tool powered by AI.
  2. Typing free food tracking. Transform your clients' nutrition tracking experience with text-free food logging technology that recognizes foods and helps users log meals with little or no typing.
  3. Nutrition Reports. Gain visibility into your clients’ nutrition through detailed meal logs and nutrition reports generated by Naiya and shared with you by your clients. 
  4. Wellness Journeys. Help your clients learn about healthy nutrition via carefully crafted health and wellness journeys with meal plans, action plans and food recommendations.

To learn more about Naiya for Providers we encourage you to check out our Provider & Enterprise Page or connect with our corporate sales and partnerships team.