Logging meals without typing with Naiya

Track Your Meals Without Typing Using Naiya's AI Technology

At Naiya, we believe that tracking your food should be a fun and enjoyable experience. Our goal is to make tracking your food as easy as swiping your phone over the foods you're about to eat. With Naiya, you can log thousands of common recipes and ingredients by pointing your phone at foods and swiping the results into your food log.

Logging Individual Ingredients and Common Recipes

Naiya's AI food scanner technology allows you to log individual ingredients with ease. Simply point your phone at the food and adjust it until the recognition result is correct. In most cases, the recognition will be instant, and you will see the results appearing on your screen. However, for certain foods, you may need to move your phone or adjust the presentation of the food.

Naiya recognizes thousands of common recipes, including soups and standard pasta dishes that are presented in a well-known way. For example, you can log oatmeal with banana, blueberries, and milk separately, even when they are in the same bowl. The recognition will work great, and you can log the entire dish with one swipe in just a few seconds. However, if you mash and mix the foods and combine them into one complex non-standard mixed dish, the recognition may not be as accurate, and Naiya may struggle to identify the components. We recommend that you clearly separate your foods before scanning or log foods as ingredients before mixing them.

Editing Recipes and Offering Good Alternatives

In some cases, Naiya may offer good alternatives to the results recognized by the technology. For example, when you're pointing at coffee with milk, we suggest coffee with soy milk as an alternative. You can also edit the recipe by changing the type of milk or by adding sugar into the recipe.

Naiya's AI technology is constantly improving, and we're always working to enhance our recognition capabilities to make tracking your food as easy as possible. For example, Naiya recognizes Blueberry Muesli Bowl, which is not bad, but logging foods one by one can offer more accuracy.

Naiya supports logging of thousands of common recipes. You can log pancakes, soups, omelets and a lot more! Sometimes the first result you get is sufficiently good, but in some other cases you may want to select alternatives from the list suggested by Naiya. For example, when scanning a burrito, Naiya may suggest several recipes like breakfast burrito or vegetarian burrito. Of course recipes are complex and depending on your goals you may need to search for a specific recipe via manual search, but we hope that in most cases our computer vision results and intelligent alternatives would do the trick!

Logging Multiple Ingredients

For complex dishes, you can scan multiple ingredients at the same time using Naiya's multi-food scanner. After you swipe your phone over all of the ingredients, select those that are correctly captured and log them at the same time, or you can create a recipe.

Multi-food scanner is also helpful when you're logging a meal with multiple food next to each other. For example, if you have an avocado toast, scrambled eggs, green salad and coffee for breakfast, you can log all of these items with just one swipe in the multi-food scan mode.
You can also combine these foods into a recipe and call it "My breakfast". This will enable fast access to this combination for future logs.   Finally, multi-food scanner can be helpful when logging foods that are visually similar to other foods. For example, sour cream often looks like yogurt. When using multi-food mode you are like to see both options and will be able to select one of them.

Logging packaged foods

Packaged foods can be logged via UPC codes, with recognition available for over 1.5 million foods. You can also log foods by pointing the phone at Nutrition Facts. When Naiya detects that you’re pointing at the Nutrition Facts it will try to read the text and populate a nutrition panel with the serving size, calories and macros. You can adjust the numbers if needed and after you’re satisfied with the numbers you can add a name and log the food. One current limitation is international packages and Nutrition Facts labels that are not formatted in a standard way. For example, if there are multiple calorie options shown on the label, Naiya may get confused… or it may not if our team has already fixed it by the time you’re reading it! 😀

Naiya is also trained to log over 10,000 common packaged foods, like power bars, just by reading the labels and recognizing the packaging. When logging your Clif Bar or Garden of Life Protein, you can just point your phone at the package and Naiya in many cases would recognize the exact product for you. If the recognition is not working, please try scanning the UPC code and if that fails Nutrition Facts. 

What if computer vision doesn't work?

If a food isn't recognized, Naiya's manual search feature allows you to add foods to your log with ease. And as you would expect, you can log previously logged meals via a quick suggestion feature or from your favorites. With so many options available, there's a method for everyone to add their favorite foods and recipes to their log. 

We will be sharing many more examples of food tracking on their YouTube and Instagram channels. We are especially excited to share our new features because this AI technology  is evolving so rapidly. Naiya is powered by Passio - an AI company that got spun out from SRI International and is actively focused on building the world’s leading Mobile AI Platform. With the pace of AI innovation from Passio, we are convinced that there will be countless improvements and many new amazing ways to make your nutrition tracking and your wellness journey better in the coming months. Please follow us for more exciting videos on YouTube and posts on Instagram. And of course, we hope you download and try Naiya! 

Thank you for choosing Naiya as your guide on your journey to wellness and health. Try Naiya today and see how easy it is to track your nutrition and make healthy food choices!