Benefits of Naiya for health and wellness providers

Helping providers grow their practice and impact

Nutrition is important for our health, wellness, and fitness. What we eat can significantly impact how we feel and whether or not we are able to reach our goals. Coaches, doctors, and wellness advisors know this well. But, it can be hard for them to know what their clients are eating and how to help them with their nutrition needs. Many providers today can't answer simple questions like "What did my client eat yesterday and over the last week?", "Is my client eating the right foods and at the right time?", "What are the best meal plans for my client?"

We created Naiya to finally close this gap and unleash the power of nutrition data in wellness, healthcare and fitness. Naiya allows providers including coaches, doctors, nurses, caregivers, wellness advisors, lifestyle and business coaches, and personal trainers to empower their clients with a state-of-the art food tracking tool equipped with a one-click nutrition report generation feature. The reports generated by Naiya give providers visibility into nutrition of their clients and offer suggestions on how nutrition can be adjusted for improved outcomes.

At Naiya our goal is to empower both individuals and providers because we believe that achieving our health, wellness and fitness goals is always easier when we are working together with a trusted guide who brings personal touch and knowledge into the process. This is why we are focused on building tools designed to help professionals reach their business goals, grow their practice and engage with their clients in a new more meaningful way.

Here is a quick list of benefits Naiya brings to providers: 

  1. Growing your business and impact: With Naiya, you can give your clients a powerful nutrition tracking tool that is powered by AI to improve engagement. You can also leverage a wide range of resources we are providing to help you get more clients, find new ways to grow revenue and expand the services you are able to offer.
  2. Typing-free food tracking: Naiya's text-free food logging technology allows your clients to log meals with little or no typing, which can help to improve their nutrition tracking experience and make it easier for your clients to collect nutrition data. Naiya also provides your clients with a unique food amount estimation technology designed to make food tracking more accurate.
  3. Nutrition reports: Naiya's detailed meal logs and nutrition reports give you visibility into your clients' nutrition, which can help you make more informed recommendations as well as create traceable documentation for payers if your services are covered by insurance.
  4. Wellness journeys: Naiya's wellness journeys offer personalized step-by-step guides, meal plans, programs, and tailored wellness experiences that can help your clients to progress faster towards their goals.
  5. Artificial intelligence: Naiya is an AI-enabled guide that is equipped with super-human knowledge, which can help you make more accurate recommendations for your clients.

Unlock the power of nutrition data

With Naiya, you can gain visibility into your clients' wellness journey through shareable, nutrition reports. After your clients track their meals for a period of time, they can export detailed reports and share them with you for feedback. The reports are shared by clients instead of being automatically saved in the cloud - this approach protects privacy and gives your clients comfort that they are in control of their data. The tool is designed to be easy to use and understand, with reports that are simple to read, and include key information about macro and micro nutrients, as well as detailed day-by-day logs. As Naiya evolves, we plan to expand the reports based on the feedback from both users and providers. We anticipate adding new charts, introducing personalized recommendations, and including new data sources such as fitness trackers, scales and medical devices.

Engaged clients lead to better results and faster growth for your business

One of the reasons why nutrition data has been difficult to collect is that food tracking is difficult for users. Tracking steps is easy: just put on your Apple Watch or FitBit tracker and the data is automatically collected for you. This has not been the case with nutrition tracking. At Naiya we are working hard to massively improve the food tracking experience for users and create engagement experiences that make nutrition tracking fun. With Naiya’s computer vision technology users can log the vast majority of common foods without typing. Naiya also brings to the users a pioneering food amount estimation technology that helps with accurate calorie recording. And with wellness and nutrition journeys food tracking becomes even more effortless if users choose to follow one of the suggested meal plans.

Grow your practice and expand your impact with the power of nutrition data and Naiya's nutrition reports.

Inspire your clients with health and wellness journeys

You can engage your clients in personalized coaching experiences using Naiya's selection of lifestyle and health specific journeys. Naiya Journeys offer personalized step-by-step guides, meal plans, programs, and tailored wellness experiences to help you progress faster. Our Journeys are developed by professionals like dietitians and fitness coaches, as well as by everyday individuals who successfully achieved their wellness goals and are willing to share the roadmaps they created.  

Grow your practice

One of the benefits of Naiya for healthcare, fitness and wellness providers is the tools we are creating to help you grow your business. By giving your clients a life-changing nutrition tracking tool, you can engage them in their health journey and help them achieve their goals. This can lead to increased client satisfaction and retention, ultimately growing your business. And our goal is to make it easier for you to reach your clients. Through the Provider Portal we are providing you with unique and constantly updating marketing materials, email templates and standard operating procedures designed to help you every step of the way.

We are aspiring to make Naiya an exceptional tool to add to any wellness, fitness and healthcare providers list of resources.  We are inviting you to give Naiya a try and find ways to grow your practice, engage your clients, improve outcomes and help your clients on their journeys of wellness, fitness and health.