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Frequently Asked Questions


Are you HIPPA compliant?

Naiya is not a cloud based program. All information and data will remain on the users phone until they choose to share it. Therefore, we are by default a HIPPA compliant application but are not HIPPA certified at this time.


Are you a cloud based program?

We are not a cloud based program. All data will remain on the users phone.


How do you ensure compliance with PHI?

All user data is stored on their phone therefore no data or information is shared with or seen on our backend.


How is patient nutrition data transferred to me, the provider?

The user may share their nutrition report and data when they choose by directly downloading and sharing from their phone. These reports can either be sent via text or email.


Does your company hold onto or see my patient’s data?

All data is stored on the users phone and our company does not see or have access to any information.


Is patient data owned by your company?

We do not view, own, or see any user data or information.